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Our NEWS section is the most comprehensive publication on the business of property in Ireland, keeping our trade readers fully informed on all developments in the property business and among their competitors.

It gathers together in one place all reports on the market, and goes into much greater detail than does the consumer press on trade issues of interest to estate agents, developers and other property professionals. It summarises property stories from the media, and provides handy links to the full stories. Occasional indepth features and opinion pieces for a fully developed online property magazine. It also acts as a searchable archive of all property matters down the years.

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© Irish Independent 20 Jan '20

Sinead Ryan: What does the mortgage market look like for 2020?

Joey Sheahan, head of credit at, says, "2020 could be the year of the fixed-rate mortgage in Ireland. These latest figures give weight to our own observation that more and more mortgage -  Subscribe
© Irish Independent 13 Jan '20

New buyers pay €2,000 a year more than rest of eurozone

The Central Bank figures show the weighted average interest rate on all new mortgages was 2.9pc in November. This was 11 basis points down since the start of 2019 when the rate stood at 3.01pc. -  Subscribe
© The Irish Times 13 Jan '20

Banks expected to loan €9bn to homebuyers this year

Buoyant sales of goods and services abroad and expanding multinational employers will boost the Republic’s economy in 2020, according to Conall MacCoille, chief economist at Dublin stockbrokers Davy -  Subscribe
© Business Post 06 Jan '20

[NEEDS BP SUB] Angela Keegan: Clarity on lending rules and Brexit should help stabilise property market

Late last year, the new Central Bank governor Gabriel Makhlouf scotched speculation surrounding mortgages by announcing that lending rules would stay at three and a half times that of borrowers’ -  Subscribe
© Irish Independent 03 Jan '20

First-time buyers push up mortgage approvals

The Banking and Payments Federation said the strongest growth was evident with first-time buyers, where the number of mortgages was up 8.6pc on the year. The number of mortgages across the entire m -  Subscribe
© The Irish Times 05 Dec '19

Central Bank’s unchanged mortgage rules ‘fuelling rental trap’

“The mortgage measures are working and because they’re working we don’t propose any changes to them,” said Mr Makhlouf, who took over as governor in September. “I want to be very clear that -  Subscribe
© The Irish Times 18 Nov '19

Mortgage brokers, AIMA, call for change in lending rules to help second-time buyers

Association of Irish Mortgage Advisors chairman Trevor Grant: "we have to turn away as many as we help because, while most of these applicants could easily qualify for the bigger repayments, they don -  Subscribe
© The Irish Times 12 Nov '19

New mortgage lending to overtake repayments for first time since crisis

Mortgage lending is on track to expand by 11 per cent this year to €9.6 billion and a further 12.5 per cent in 2020 to €10.8 billion, according to Davy analysts Stephen Lyons and Diarmaid Sheridan -  Subscribe
© The Irish Times 06 Nov '19

PTSB builds mortgage lending share to post-crisis peak of 15.5%

New mortgage lending at the bank rose at an annual pace of 17 per cent during the third quarter, outperforming the market’s 11 per cent expansion, the bank said. -  Subscribe
© The Irish Times 29 Oct '19

Sherry FitzGerald to build new mortgage broker platform

Steven McKenna: “It’s a game-changer for us because we don’t have the capacity to deal with the volumes manually. About 80 per cent of the process will be done through AI.” -  Subscribe
© Irish Independent 14 Oct '19

Central Bank 'not likely' to loosen mortgage rules despite AIB's call

The issue gained a sharp new focus at the weekend when AIB's Colin Hunt, chief executive of the country's biggest mortgage provider, became the first top executive at a pillar Irish bank to say the ru -  Subscribe
© Irish Independent 30 Sep '19

Vulture funds perform a U-turn as mortgage-to-rent market opens up

A change in the eligibility criteria announced by Housing Minister Eoghan Murphy in July, and the fact that vulture funds are now prepared to sanction deals, means thousands of heavily indebted people -  Subscribe
© The Property Week 26 Sep '19

Mortgage approvals in August showed continued year-on-year growth

Almost 4,400 mortgages to the value of €968 million were approved in AugustSome signs of slower growth in August in comparison to previous months of the year.Banking & Payments Federation Ire -  Subscribe
© Business Post 23 Sep '19

[NEEDS SBP SUB] Banks are unmoved by plight of struggling downsizers

For those who do not want to move to the seaside or back to their rural roots, there is a shortage of suitable smaller properties to buy in mature city neighbourhoods or suburbs. In Dublin -  Subscribe
© The Irish Times 15 Sep '19

State-backed mortgages boosted by extra €363m

The Rebuilding Ireland Home Loan scheme is targeted at prospective buyers who cannot get a bank loan. It has experienced higher than expected demand since it was launched in February 2018. -  Subscribe
© The Irish Times 15 Sep '19

Irish paying at least €80,000 more on €300,000 mortgage than EU counterparts

Analysis from Brokers Ireland, a lobby group representing 1,250 brokers, found that on a rate of 2.98 per cent, Irish mortgage holders can expect to pay €454,000 back on a €300,000 mortgage while -  Subscribe
© The Property Week 11 Sep '19

Housing costs approach previous peaks – BPFI Housing Market Monitor

DOWNLOAD FULL REPORT HERE >>> The trend is due to a combination of limited housing supply, high and rising housing costs (including rents) and relatively slower income growth which have made it more -  Subscribe
© The Irish Times 03 Sep '19

Dilosk confirms entry to owner-occupier mortgage market

The company, which bought ICS Mortgages from Bank of Ireland in 2014 and currently has a portfolio of €600 million of loans, said that it will offer home loans through mortgage brokers and its direc -  Subscribe
© The Property Week 29 Aug '19

Strong Growth in Mortgage Approvals in July

Banking & Payments Federation Ireland (BPFI) has published the latest figures from the BPFI Mortgage Approvals Report for July 2019. The following are the key elements:* A total of 5,129 mortgages -  Subscribe
© The Irish Times 26 Aug '19

New funding finally confirmed for State mortgage scheme

Hundreds of millions in funding has been allocated to local authorities to bolster the Rebuilding Ireland Home Loan Scheme, which was thrown into doubt following budget over-runs earlier this year. -  Subscribe
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