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Our NEWS section is the most comprehensive publication on the business of property in Ireland, keeping our trade readers fully informed on all developments in the property business and among their competitors.

It gathers together in one place all reports on the market, and goes into much greater detail than does the consumer press on trade issues of interest to estate agents, developers and other property professionals. It summarises property stories from the media, and provides handy links to the full stories. Occasional indepth features and opinion pieces for a fully developed online property magazine. It also acts as a searchable archive of all property matters down the years.

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© Irish Independent 22 Sep '17

Mortgage for life: Thousands will have to pay mortgages well into their retirement

The failure to clear debts before retiring is partially down to people taking out bumper mortgages during the housing bubble years and then finding themselves unable to service their debts during the -  Subscribe
© Irish Independent 20 Sep '17

Mortgage war intensifies with KBC offering 10 year fixed rate

Financial experts said banks cutting rates were signs that they are stepping up competition, with more cuts now expected from other lenders. KBC Bank is launching a 10-year fixed-rate deal of 2.95p -  Subscribe
© Irish Independent 15 Sep '17

Customers to save hundreds as AIB cuts variable mortgage rate

Robert Mulhall: "Our strategy, when conditions allow, is to pass on variable rate reductions to both new and existing customers and we continue to do that. Therefore existing SVR customers will automa -  Subscribe
© The Irish Times 11 Sep '17

Mortgage-to-rent scheme to keep people with arrears in homes

One person familiar with the scheme said that the investors providing the finance would be guaranteed a steady, State-backed return over 30 years, whereas families will be enabled to stay in their hom -  Subscribe
© Irish Independent 08 Sep '17

Pepper Ireland names new CEO

Pepper Ireland has appointed Cormac Ryan, formerly of Ulster Bank, as chief executive of the Sydney-headquartered firm's Irish division. The reshuffle comes as the company's current boss, Paul Doddre -  Subscribe
© The Irish Times 02 Sep '17

Start-up wants to get ‘bank of mum and dad’ lending to first-time buyers

Homeoptions says it is offering a “competitive and smart alternative to home ownership” by allowing home seekers purchase an option to buy on a property of their choice, while living in it. The pr -  Subscribe
© Irish Independent 31 Aug '17

House hunters being pushed into more debt as prices surge

A total of 3,970 mortgages were approved in July. Just over half of these were accounted for by first-time buyers, according to the latest figures from the Banking and Payments Federation Ireland ( -  Subscribe
© Irish Independent 30 Aug '17

Mortgage approvals for first-time buyers continue to exceed housing supply from the Banking & Payments Federation Ireland

In the year to date, there has been 13,247 first-time buyer mortgage approvals, up 43pc year-on-year. The help-to-buy scheme is contributing to this trend, with separate data from the Revenue Commissi -  Subscribe
© Irish Independent 11 Aug '17

Families priced out of property market as a third of income needed for mortgage

The EBS DKM Irish Housing Affordability Index notes that "in that time a definite deterioration in affordability has become apparent across all regions of the State". The proportion of disposable or -  Subscribe
© Irish Independent 03 Aug '17

Revealed: How many secured approval for mortgage - but couldn't find a home to buy

"Both approvals and draw downs are clearly rising, but a mismatch is now opening up as approvals grow at a faster pace," said economist with Goodbody Stockbrokers, Dermot O'Leary. -  Subscribe
© Irish Independent 03 Jul '17

Revealed: The average deposit you need to buy a house in each county

North side: €30,247 City Centre: €29,635 (prices closely resemble those in Galway City) West Dublin: €29,707 South side: €56,344 Co. Galway - €18,231 Galway City - €26,854 -  Subscribe
© Irish Independent 30 Jun '17

First-time buyers are driving surge in mortgage approvals

David McNamara, analyst with Davy Stockbrokers, said the data signals further strong growth in house prices in the coming months. Mr McNamara forecasts that mortgage lending will hit €7.5bn this ye -  Subscribe
© The Irish Times 29 Jun '17

Mortgage approvals rise by 45% in May by value

Data from Banking and Payments Federation Ireland reveal there were 4,124 approvals valued at a combined €884 million granted during May. This compares with 3,046 approvals and a value of €609 mil -  Subscribe
© Irish Examiner 21 Jun '17

Increase mortgage market competition: Competition and Consumer Protection Commission

Isolde Goggin: “We think increasing competition is also extremely important. More new entrants would in turn increase competition. Rebuilding our international reputation is central to this, getting -  Subscribe
© The Irish Times 19 Jun '17

Mortgage market and lending issues expose flaw in creating single State agency

The Options for Ireland’s Mortgage Market report by the Competition and Consumer Protection Commission (CCPC) suggests Ireland’s mortgage market is dysfunctional. No surprise there. With six lende -  Subscribe
© Irish Independent 16 Jun '17

Banks warned over cashback mortgage deals

"The work of Pricelab detailed in the analysis earlier shows that consumers cannot properly assess these type of loan product and often make poor choices." -  Subscribe
© Irish Independent 13 Jun '17

Bank of Ireland cuts mortgage rates as competition heats up

New borrowers with large deposits, and existing mortgage holders with large amounts of equity in their homes, will qualify for the lowest interest rates. This is because the bank is offering fixed -  Subscribe
© Irish Independent 07 Jun '17

Loans for buy-to-lets despite poor credit

"We'll do our own due diligence on borrowers and properties, and we will lend to a borrower who has come through a period of turbulence with their lender but is now out the other side," Ian Wiggleswor -  Subscribe
© The Irish Times 07 Jun '17

Pepper Money to offer property loans in Ireland

Pepper Money has set up a new sales division here to offer commercial mortgages from this month, with loan values ranging from €250,000 to €7.5 million. Pepper said it hopes to issue about €30 -  Subscribe
© The Irish Times 31 May '17

First-time buyer mortgage approvals up 19%

According to figures released by the Banking and Payments Federation, the 1,819 first time buyer mortgages approved in April represented a drop of 8.4 per cent on the volume approved in March of this -  Subscribe
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