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Our NEWS section is the most comprehensive publication on the business of property in Ireland, keeping our trade readers fully informed on all developments in the property business and among their competitors.

It gathers together in one place all reports on the market, and goes into much greater detail than does the consumer press on trade issues of interest to estate agents, developers and other property professionals. It summarises property stories from the media, and provides handy links to the full stories. Occasional indepth features and opinion pieces for a fully developed online property magazine. It also acts as a searchable archive of all property matters down the years.

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© Irish Independent 23 May '22

Fearghal O'Connor: State is likely to need twice the 30,000 target of new homes a year, Nama warns

To reduce the quantum of land zonings to reflect such a reduction would result in serviced land being unavailable for development which is not in the public interest, particularly at a time of surging -  Subscribe
© Irish Independent 23 May '22

Gabrielle Monaghan: Could property have a soft landing this time around?

The past 12 months have proved a nightmare for would-be first-time buyers, with the housing market heating up at a rate not seen for more than half a decade... Is history repeating itself, with anothe -  Subscribe
© Irish Independent 23 May '22

Conor Skehan: Why house prices will rise at slower pace for two more years

Interest rates will double, if not treble, while there will be increasing housing stock availability (mostly to rent), as well as declining discretionary spending capacity due to inflation.Here in Ire -  Subscribe
© Business Post 15 May '22

Pat Davitt: Law Society’s opposition to conveyancing bill is misguided

Among the most enduring frustrations experienced by property vendors and buyers, and their representative estate agents, is the delay in the conveyancing process – that is, the transfer of legal tit -  Subscribe
© The Irish Times 13 May '22

Eoin Burke-Kennedy: Covid-induced surge in house prices has reached tipping point

Most estate agents here haven’t recalibrated for these new dynamics and are still forecasting healthy price growth for remainder of the year and beyond. But they were also the ones that thought Covi -  Subscribe
© Irish Independent 06 May '22

Mark Keenan: Why almost all ordinary buyers are now blocked out of Dublin’s new homes’ market

The vast majority of the new homes currently being completed in Dublin will not be available for purchase by regular buyers. Just think about that for a moment. In fact, The build-to-let funds’ i -  Subscribe
© The Irish Times 24 Apr '22

David McWilliams: State has completely lost control of the housing market

Not having a home means not having a stake. And not having a stake means there’s not much to lose. When you’ve nothing left to lose, it’s quite easy to burn the house down, particularly if you d -  Subscribe
© The Irish Times 22 Apr '22

The Irish Times view on land for housing: the builders rush in

There is something troubling about the haste with which builders are rushing headlong back into the arms of the State to offload housing land. The Land Development Agency (LDA) last November put out a -  Subscribe
© Irish Independent 22 Apr '22

Mark Keenan: A fall in property values will have to be part of the solution to our housing crisis

What if say, the Land Development Agency (LDA) equipped with compulsory purchase powers, went out at pace to acquire agriculturally zoned land around our cities at agricultural land prices.What if the -  Subscribe
© The Irish Times 22 Apr '22

John FitzGerald: Pandemic savings have not yet hit house prices

This underscores the urgency to expand housing supply, and be more nimble in responding quickly to growing demand, to ensure that any future surge in investment in house purchase produces houses rathe -  Subscribe
© The Irish Times 19 Apr '22

John FItzgerald: Ukrainian refugee crisis could spur radical ideas on housing

What we must do to act quickly for Ukrainians can also offer more general answers to the housing crisis facing other groups such as young adults, homeless or those in direct provision. The urgency of -  Subscribe
© Irish Independent 12 Apr '22

Donal O'Donovan: The ‘Part V’ rules are a joke and the prospect of a council paying €800,000 for public housing proves it

Local authorities do not have to buy, but in reality Part V has been the cornerstone of social housing provision since before the crash. A crappy foundation it has proved to be. The original motiva -  Subscribe
© Irish Independent 03 Apr '22

Mark Keenan: Don’t be April-fooled into believing that solving the housing crisis ‘isn’t that simple.’

We are the fools when it comes to our housing crisis. Because we have to stop believing Government telling us our housing crisis ‘can’t be solved that easily.’ Because yes it can. In the same -  Subscribe
© The Irish Times 28 Mar '22

Stock market is a tough place for property firms to seek value

The stock market is proving a tough ground for property businesses. That is the inevitable takeaway from the news that Hibernia Reit’s board has unanimously recommended a takeover offer from Canadia -  Subscribe
© Irish Independent 20 Mar '22

Paul McNeive: Figures for retail sales don’t tell the full story, insists property expert, Neil Bannon

Neil Bannon is annoyed. The executive chairman of Bannon – and a retail property expert – believes that the Irish media is obsessed with finding a negative narrative, even amidst recent positive n -  Subscribe
© Business Post 13 Mar '22

Is apartment building a feasible way to solve the housing crisis?

A comprehensive analysis of the country’s housing pipeline has shown the construction of smaller apartments is in line to significantly outstrip the development of houses in the coming years -  Subscribe
© Irish Independent 01 Mar '22

The ‘Reit’ way to get things done

While the state of the housing crisis in Ireland causes many tears and much anger, the shareholders of companies such as Ires Reit are in what we might call a happy place. -  Subscribe
© The Irish Times 21 Feb '22

Mark FitzGerald: Taking the long view to get to grips with our housing problem

Part of the answer is to build more apartments in our cities, but we need, in a post-Covid world, to be a lot less doctrinaire, as people passionately want space and actual houses. It is possible to d -  Subscribe
© Business Post 20 Feb '22

Lost properties: the forces that are locking buyers out of the housing market

As the housing crisis continues, ordinary people are getting squeezed in bidding wars with small and large investors, while the state buys up other homes for social housing – forcing many to put the -  Subscribe
© Irish Independent 18 Feb '22

Charlie Weston: House prices are on fire, but this is a different beast to the credit-fuelled boom

We are now within spitting distance of the crazy peaks scaled during the Celtic Tiger property bubble. -  Subscribe
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