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Our NEWS section is the most comprehensive publication on the business of property in Ireland, keeping our trade readers fully informed on all developments in the property business and among their competitors.

It gathers together in one place all reports on the market, and goes into much greater detail than does the consumer press on trade issues of interest to estate agents, developers and other property professionals. It summarises property stories from the media, and provides handy links to the full stories. Occasional indepth features and opinion pieces for a fully developed online property magazine. It also acts as a searchable archive of all property matters down the years.

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© Irish Independent 18 Nov '19

Stephen J Bell: 'Don't let impatience kill off housing's green shoots'

We need to embrace the need for new typologies - or housing configurations - in the market. There are many different potential solutions and this is particularly evident in our cities, where we need t -  Subscribe
© The Irish Times 18 Nov '19

Ireland has ‘accomodation crisis’ not housing crisis: Cullaun Capital

Fidelma McManus from consultancy firm Beauchamps talked of the need for greater co-operation between the public and private sector on housing. -  Subscribe
© Irish Independent 14 Nov '19

Paul McNeive: 'Build-to-sell' apartments will require targeted subsidy

One man with a compelling analysis of the topic is Gary Corrigan, a managing director at Hines Real Estate Ireland, a leading developer, investor and real estate manager. Mr Corrigan told me that, -  Subscribe
© The Irish Times 14 Nov '19

Softening of sentiment in the Dublin market primarily due transport infrastructure problems

Joanne Kelly, real estate leader at PwC Ireland, which together with the Urban Land Institute compiled the figures, said there had been a softening of sentiment in the Dublin market primarily due tran -  Subscribe
© Business Post 11 Nov '19

[NEEDS SBP SUB] The O’Devaney Gardens deal is the worst possible outcome: Eoin Ó Broin

Dublin City Council’s agreement with Bartra is bad for the local area and sets a terrible precedent for the city -  Subscribe
© Irish Independent 07 Nov '19

Paul McNeive: 'Legislation drives dramatic rise in energy efficiency'

One veteran builder, who is currently developing hundreds of units, told me that, of all the add-on costs, taxes and levies, nZEB is the only one he agrees with. "We have to deal with climate change," -  Subscribe
© The Irish Times 06 Nov '19

John Moran: Future housing plans must mean an end to dominance of Dublin

Chairman of the Land Development Agency says that overly concentrated activity in our capital has meant a congested and unaffordable Dublin for many and sprawling car-dependent living for others. B -  Subscribe
© Irish Independent 03 Nov '19

Paul McNeive: Risks are high while you are in 'deal agreed' limbo

A sharp agent will sense the change in momentum in a deal and will know when to advise their client to issue an ultimatum to sign (which may work), rather than let the deal drag on while staying 'off -  Subscribe
© The Irish Times 03 Nov '19

Cliff Taylor: Are inefficient builders the reason we don’t have enough houses? [NEEDS IT SUB]

So what is the evidence about the productivity of the Irish industry? And how big a factor is it behind the problem of building affordable accommodation? -  Subscribe
© The Irish Times 16 Oct '19

Ciarán Hancock: Was the Government right to extend Help to Buy housing scheme?

The retention of Help to Buy is another example of the property industry having successfully lobbied for changes that benefit developers. Meanwhile stupid prices continue to be paid for development la -  Subscribe
© Irish Independent 03 Oct '19

Paul McNeive: 'State must be very wary of unintended consequences'

That's why I think blunter instruments such as changes to tax rates are more effective. They can be implemented quickly and are immediately understood. A good example is the SCSI argument to reduce th -  Subscribe
© The Irish Times 02 Oct '19

Irish Institutional Property says those trading up should also be allowed to access the tax break

IIP also said there was a “significant opportunity to widen the scope of the Help To Buy incentive to include groups such as current owner-occupiers who need to trade up but are effectively tied in -  Subscribe
© Irish Independent 30 Sep '19

Mark Keenan: How Offr eases the pain of bidding during buying

Hoban has likely sold more property directly than any other Irish estate agent, on the basis that it was he who most often stood on the public podium during the famous Allsop 'Monster' auctions. -  Subscribe
© Irish Independent 30 Sep '19

Mark Keenan: 'Downward trend is welcome but houses still out of reach for families'

The survey does tell us that small private landlords are leaving the market in Dublin in droves, enough to contribute to increasing supply noticeably, and to a degree that the REA agents on the ground -  Subscribe
© The Irish Times 24 Sep '19

Oliver Callan: Workers need to pressurise Government over sky-high rents

If we want to halt the soulless gentrification and “generifying” of our capital and give space to allow families to simply live, Fine Gael has to act for tenants over landlord firms. They won’t, -  Subscribe
© The Irish Times 16 Sep '19

Despite house price drop, the real underlying problem remains; Government has failed

The real underlying problem remains: demand has well outstripped supply. In most places that is called a shortage. A shortage means that everyone – the industry, Government and that idolised abstrac -  Subscribe
© The Irish Times 15 Sep '19

Cliff Taylor: We should be glad Dublin house prices are falling

Perhaps more houses should be the priority in an economy approaching full employment. And when even those who will get jobs in the shiny new offices can’t afford the local rents, you know you have a -  Subscribe
© The Irish Times 20 Aug '19

Una Mullally: By wrapping itself in the cape of spoofery, WeWork has managed to excel beyond the humble task of signing leases

John Arenas, chief executive of Serendipity Labs, said last week that WeWork would need to make $94 billion in revenue to get a 30 per cent profit. It has $4 billion in committed revenue. -  Subscribe
© Business Post 19 Aug '19

[NEEDS SBP SUB]: Lorcan Sirr: Rental sector ‘cheerleaders’ are peddling a dangerous line

Our home ownership system is our welfare, our wealth and our safety net, and it is unwise to dismantle it without having a plan B -  Subscribe
© Business Post 12 Aug '19

Tom Parlon: Procurement paralysis is slowing down the delivery of housing

Across the country, construction companies are reporting that the number of commencements of critical infrastructure projects has fallen off a cliff in the past six months. The fallout from the Nation -  Subscribe
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