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Our NEWS section is the most comprehensive publication on the business of property in Ireland, keeping our trade readers fully informed on all developments in the property business and among their competitors.

It gathers together in one place all reports on the market, and goes into much greater detail than does the consumer press on trade issues of interest to estate agents, developers and other property professionals. It summarises property stories from the media, and provides handy links to the full stories. Occasional indepth features and opinion pieces for a fully developed online property magazine. It also acts as a searchable archive of all property matters down the years.

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© Irish Independent 03 Mar '21

Government ploughing on with affordable homes scheme – despite what experts say: Colette Browne

Minister Darragh O’Brien flatly denied there had been a notable level of criticism directed at the scheme, other than from the usual suspects. “There hasn’t actually been a lot of criticism, the -  Subscribe
© The Irish Times 26 Feb '21

Ann-Marie McCoy of Lisney: Loan clause should be removed to stop property sale delays

Both buyer and seller could rely fully on the contract at the point of signing as opposed to sellers having to vacate properties, find temporary accommodation and still wait for transactions to comple -  Subscribe
© Irish Independent 26 Feb '21

Paul McNeive: Housing policy is a mishmash of conflicting forces

Apartments are too costly to build and the only reason that there are maybe fifty schemes under way in County Dublin is because most of those are destined for the institutional PRS market, which now r -  Subscribe
© The Irish Times 16 Feb '21

MISSED: Do not listen to estate agents – house prices will go down, not up

Eoin Burke-Kennedy: if prices and rents are moving sideways, albeit at a high level, and population growth is easing, the likelihood of strong inflation in the near term is low or negligible. If anyt -  Subscribe
© The Irish Times 09 Feb '21

David McWilliams: A solution to Irish house-price silliness

Could we provide homes at these fair prices as other countries do? Of course, we could. But the private building sector won’t do this on its own. It needs to be coaxed with the offer of long-term -  Subscribe
© The Irish Times 08 Feb '21

How the pandemic is forcing us to rethink the future of cities

Tim Cahill, managing director of Grayling Properties, the market leader for quality rentals, asks in this new era to come, who and what are cities for? -  Subscribe
© Irish Independent 29 Jan '21

Paul McNeive on current market conditions

My over-arching advice to any prospective vendor or lessor, is to take time now to ensure that your property is ready to be conveyed. Checking now, for flaws in your title or planning status, can save -  Subscribe
© The Irish Times 29 Jan '21

First-time buyer in 2021? Here’s how to avoid rookie mistakes

Ivan Gaine: “Obviously, first-time buyers are older than they were 15 or 20 years ago and they are buying for the longer term. We’d be saying to people, buy for 10 years, don’t buy for two,” -  Subscribe
© Irish Independent 25 Jan '21

Mark Keenan: How Covid-19 has led to the biggest shift in home-buying habits since the crash

‘We are going through a profound once-in-a-lifetime shift in the property market,” is how one estate agent described an extraordinary period during which Irish property prices have defied all pred -  Subscribe
© Business Post 18 Jan '21

A bruised market readies itself for 2021

By and large, the property sector managed to withstand the ordeal that was 2020, but the new year will bring plenty of challenges of its own -  Subscribe
© The Irish Times 17 Jan '21

Missed: Property industry and house prices: Ivan Gaine, letter to the Irish Times

I do have to take issue with his broad generalisation that, “the property industry wants an equity scheme because it will increase prices” -  Subscribe
© The Irish Times 14 Jan '21

Should empty-nesters be encouraged to move to smaller homes?

Among the options quoted over the years to encourage older people to trade down are stamp duty or other tax incentives .Such policies can provide an incentive, though they do also lead to less tax bei -  Subscribe
© The Irish Times 04 Jan '21

Economists predicted a Covid property collapse. It hasn’t happened

The answer is simple. Those who bore the brunt of the Covid hit, those who lost their jobs and livelihoods in such large numbers, were in relatively low-paying service jobs and were not part of the ho -  Subscribe
© The Irish Times 21 Dec '20

Pat Farrell: Idea that only councils should build social housing is nonsense

All such arguments do is distract from the real answers, leading to the cancellation of plans to deliver homes at Oscar Traynor Road and elsewhere. Given the seriousness of the housing crisis, we n -  Subscribe
© The Irish Times 16 Dec '20

Commercial property sector demonstrates resilience in face of Covid-19: Fergus O'Farrell of Savills

With one of the lowest urbanisation rates in Europe (at 63 per cent), and with Dublin experiencing the fastest population growth of any city in Europe, it makes a compelling case for further internati -  Subscribe
© The Irish Times 16 Dec '20

Questions posed by Covid-19 will frame our approach to business in 2021: Aidan Gavin of Cushman & Wakefield

I believe the questions retail faced in the wake of Covid-19 will also mean repurposing becoming a big theme as investors seek to “future proof” their assets from an event of this scale again. -  Subscribe
© The Irish Times 16 Dec '20

Resilience shown in 2020 paves way for robust recovery: Myles Clarke of CBRE

Although yields in sectors such as retail, hotels and student accommodation understandably softened, it has been interesting to observe the resilience of yields in sectors such as industrial, offices -  Subscribe
© Business Post 14 Dec '20

Some important lessons to take from the 2020 property market: Marie Hunt of CBRE

The downturn we experienced as a direct result of Covid-19, and the government’s response to it, was largely created by an inability to trade, as opposed to a liquidity crisis or an oversupply situa -  Subscribe
© Business Post 14 Dec '20

Prepare for a guarded return to market ‘normality’ in 2021: Keith Lowe of DNG

The first lockdown confined many homeowners to their homes for nearly three months, which focused their minds in terms of their accommodation requirements, and many made the decision to move -  Subscribe
© Business Post 14 Dec '20

The case for urban regions and the multi-family/PRS sectors: Donald MacDonald of Hooke & MacDonald

Human beings are generally social animals and the personal interaction that occurs in an office setting is hugely positive. As the months have gone on, many people have found the logistics of working -  Subscribe
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