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Our NEWS section is the most comprehensive publication on the business of property in Ireland, keeping our trade readers fully informed on all developments in the property business and among their competitors.

It gathers together in one place all reports on the market, and goes into much greater detail than does the consumer press on trade issues of interest to estate agents, developers and other property professionals. It summarises property stories from the media, and provides handy links to the full stories. Occasional indepth features and opinion pieces for a fully developed online property magazine. It also acts as a searchable archive of all property matters down the years.

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© The Irish Times 16 Jan '20

Luxury Ballsbridge apartment scheme, Lansdowne Place, sees steady sales

Chartered Land has secured prices ranging from ex VAT €704,845 for a one-bedroom apartment to €1.85 million for a three-bedroom apartment at the Templeton, the first building within the scheme. -  Subscribe
© The Property Week 16 Jan '20

CSO: Residential property prices rise by 1.4% in the year to November

Residential Property Price Index November 2019 – Residential property prices increased by 1.4% nationally in the year to November. This compares with an increase of 1.0% in the year to October and -  Subscribe
© Irish Independent 13 Jan '20

Home prices will rise as Brexit fears ease - Davy

Davy's 2020 forecast is bullish on Irish prospects, driven by its core views that export growth at high-tech multinationals will roar ahead and the UK's avoidance for now of a Brexit "cliff edge" will -  Subscribe
© The Property Week 10 Jan '20

Sherry FitzGerald Price inflation remains flat for 2019

Sherry FitzGerald has concluded that the average value of established homes in Ireland grew by 0.2% during 2019.  This compares to growth of 3.7% recorded in 2018.In Dublin, prices were largely s -  Subscribe
© The Irish Times 06 Jan '20

Sales of houses and apartments fall 4% overall: Property Service Regulatory Authority

An analysis of the RPPR maintained by the Property Service Regulatory Authority shows the main growth last year was in counties within commuting distance of Dublin. -  Subscribe
© The Property Week 02 Jan '20 Q4 2019 Property Report

Main Findings– House price inflation flatlines across Ireland– Annual asking price inflation now at 0.72%– In Dublin, asking price inflation is at zero year-on-year– Prices out -  Subscribe
© The Property Week 30 Dec '19

National average listed sale price down for first time in 6 years: Irish House Price Report Q4 2019 |

© Irish Independent 16 Dec '19

Ireland's most expensive streets and their €2m plus homes

Temple Road in Dartry has overtaken Ailesbury Road as the country's priciest address, according to research published today by property website The Wealth Report shows that while y -  Subscribe
© The Property Week 13 Dec '19

CSO: Property prices rise at lowest level since economic recovery

Residential property prices increased by 0.9% nationally in the year to October. This compares with an increase of 1.0% in the year to September and an increase of 8.3% in the twelve months to October -  Subscribe
© The Irish Times 05 Dec '19

The year in property: 2019’s top-selling houses in Ireland

DUBLIN TOP SELLERS 1. Auburn House Malahide, Co Dublin About €20 million-plus (€6 million on the Residential Property Price Register, or PPR); Off market 2. 49 Ailesbury Road Ballsbridge, Dub -  Subscribe
© The Property Week 05 Dec '19

Priced-out home-buyers ‘drifting’ to Dublin’s commuter belt

Download full report here >>> In its latest housing market monitor, Banking and Payments Federation Ireland highlighted a significant increase in house sales in Dublin’s commuter belt counties – L -  Subscribe
© Irish Independent 19 Nov '19

Councils warned to build new homes or lose powers

The clampdown would stop elected councillors holding up housing projects in rows over funding or the social mix of residents. “The future delivery of people’s houses can’t be exposed like this a -  Subscribe
© The Property Week 15 Nov '19

CSO: Residential property prices rise by 1.1% in the year to September

Residential property prices increased by 1.1% nationally in the year to September. This compares with an increase of 2.0% in the year to August and an increase of 8.5% in the twelve months to Septembe -  Subscribe
© The Irish Times 13 Nov '19

House prices not overvalued despite 85% hike since 2013, ESRI says

The study examined the sustainability of housing markets in each county by looking at rent and price increases over an extended period. It concluded that these markets are not experiencing unsustainab -  Subscribe
© The Property Week 11 Oct '19

CSO residential property price index August 2019

Residential property prices increased by 2.0% nationally in the year to August. This compares with an increase of 2.3% in the year to July and an increase of 8.9% in the twelve months to August 2018.I -  Subscribe
© The Property Week 02 Oct '19

Sherry FitzGerald: Notable moderation in price inflation in urban centres

Sherry FitzGerald says that the average value of Irish established homes fell by 0.2% during the third quarter of 2019, however prices have increased by 0.3% in the year to date. This compares to grow -  Subscribe
© The Property Week 01 Oct '19 Prolonged increase in housing prices is generally over

DOWNLOAD FULL REPORT HERE >>> For the moment the cooling of the market reflects supply of homeowner properties matching effective demand. It is, therefore, a good news story not a bad one. -  Subscribe
© Irish Independent 30 Sep '19

Value of most homes frozen or falling as supply rises: Irish Independent/Real Estate Alliance (REA) Average House Price Index

Brexit uncertainty has had a far more pronounced effect in recent months, particularly in upmarket locations. This has caused buyers who are worried about the effects on the Irish economy to postpone -  Subscribe
© The Property Week 30 Sep '19 / Davy Q3 2019 Property Report

DOWNLOAD FULL REPORT HERE >>> In Dublin the average figure was down 1.4% in the quarter to €376,000 -  Subscribe
© The Irish Times 23 Sep '19

Strong jump in house sales in Dublin's commuter belt: MyHome

It found that the volume of house sales nationally rose by 1.2 per cent to 25,192 over the six months, although the value of those transactions was down on the same period last year by 0.6 per cent at -  Subscribe
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