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Our NEWS section is the most comprehensive publication on the business of property in Ireland, keeping our trade readers fully informed on all developments in the property business and among their competitors.

It gathers together in one place all reports on the market, and goes into much greater detail than does the consumer press on trade issues of interest to estate agents, developers and other property professionals. It summarises property stories from the media, and provides handy links to the full stories. Occasional indepth features and opinion pieces for a fully developed online property magazine. It also acts as a searchable archive of all property matters down the years.

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© The Irish Times 27 Oct '21

New rental properties may be driving higher rents, industry group claims

According to RTB, rents rose at an average rate of 7 per cent in the second quarter of 2021 to stand at €1,323 per month nationally and €1,848 per month in Dublin. Ipav’s chief executive, Pat Da -  Subscribe
© The Property Week 20 Oct '21

Home ownership trumps long-term rental option, Land Development Agency research finds

While just under 90 per cent said they “like the idea” of cost rental housing, a lower number of renters - 67 per cent - said it would appeal to them personally, with just one quarter saying it ha -  Subscribe
© Irish Independent 20 Oct '21

Hammerson rent collection at 71pc in Ireland amid focus on collecting arrears

“We do not anticipate granting future concessions and all avenues to collect rents due are being pursued,” Hammerson said in a trading update. -  Subscribe
© The Irish Times 20 Oct '21

Exodus of small investors shrinks rental stock by 22,000 in five years

In a report, Sherry FItzGerald have said traditional buy-to-let investors were exiting the market at a rate of almost two to one and that this had aggravated a supply shortfall, which was pushing up r -  Subscribe
© Irish Independent 14 Oct '21

‘Landlords will continue to quit the market until something is done’

The couple took a successful case with the Residential Tenancies Board (RTB) at the start of 2019 and subsequently had to go to court. The matter concluded only recently, and they have been told it is -  Subscribe
© The Irish Times 13 Oct '21

New land hoarding tax presented as game-changer as hopes rise for housing

Landlords’ representative group the Irish Property Owners’ Association, however, said it was “disheartened, disillusioned and disappointed” that the Government had done nothing to stop landlor -  Subscribe
© The Irish Times 12 Oct '21

Marian Finnegan, MD of Sherry FitzGerald residential: Lack of rentals causing hardship and threatens State’s future economic success

There is clear evidence that rental yields for private investors are too low. Take the example of a two-bed apartment in the centre of Dublin, with a 70 per cent loan-to-value mortgage. Based on curre -  Subscribe
© Irish Independent 05 Oct '21

Regulator says it will go after rogue landlords in breach of rent-cap rules

The Residential Tenancies Board (RTB) said it would go after landlords who broke the rent-cap rules. It referred to an “unacceptable level of non-compliance by landlords” after its latest rents -  Subscribe
© RTE 04 Oct '21

News item on rogue landlords

Dr. Rory Hearne, Assistant Professor of Social Policy in Maynooth University & Pat Davitt, Chief Executive of the Institute of Professional Auctioneers and Valuers discuss latest figures on rent press -  Subscribe
© The Property Week 01 Oct '21

RTB Rent Index shows a 7% annual increase in national rent levels in Q2 2021

* National rents in Ireland grew by 7% year-on-year in Q2 of 2021 – this growth rate is the highest since a rate of 7.4% in Q1 2019.* Year-on-year rent price inflation in Dublin stood at 4.4%, a -  Subscribe
© 23 Sep '21

Renters having to pay for professional cleaners to get deposit back

eases containing a condition that tenants must pay a professional cleaner to have their rental property cleaned before they will get a deposit back, which is essentially an additional cost, in many ca -  Subscribe
© Irish Independent 23 Sep '21

Students sleeping on couches, paying for hotels and deferring college entry as accommodation crisis deepens

Councils granting permission for student accommodation to be used instead for short-term letting has also been identified as a serious concern, which Government officials were last night discussing. -  Subscribe
© The Irish Times 20 Sep '21

Tenor fails to rent home as work in Covid-hit sector deemed precarious

Paul Byrom said he was “knocked for six” last week after a potential landlord refused to even meet him on the grounds that the pandemic had made his profession singularly unsuitable for the rental -  Subscribe
© The Irish Times 08 Sep '21

Renters return to the capital as workplaces set to reopen

“Around the €2,000 mark is where the real supply/demand mismatch is. You can get higher-end waterfront properties that were around €3,000 for €2,800 or €2,700 now.”: Owen Reilly -  Subscribe
© The Irish Times 07 Sep '21

Reported discrimination by landlords over HAP almost doubles

Threshold is calling on the department of housing to commission an enquiry into the reasons landlords and estate agents refuse to accept HAP and the circumstances in which this occurs. -  Subscribe
© Business Post 30 Aug '21

Throwing away the key: why smaller landlords are leaving the rental market

Rent caps and high taxation are among the reasons why landlords with one apartment or house to rent are selling up in their droves -  Subscribe
© Irish Independent 26 Aug '21

Landlords must ensure homes meet minimum energy rating from 2025

Landlord associations have already sounded the alarm that small landlords are selling their properties to cash in on lucrative house prices and avoid increasing rent controls. -  Subscribe
© Irish Independent 23 Aug '21

From former Galway plasterers to American investment tycoons – who are Ireland’s super-landlords?

Sweeney has dismissed claims that the institutional landlords are prising homes from ordinary buyers and pushing rents to unmanageable levels "It's a choice, like with buying a certain brand of clothe -  Subscribe
© Business Post 23 Aug '21

The big squeeze: the housing crisis creeps into the countryside

A new report has shown that fewer than 800 properties are available to rent outside Dublin, but an investigation by the Business Post has found many more short-term lets are on offer -  Subscribe
© The Irish Times 19 Aug '21

The Irish Times view on the rental market: a series of policy challenges

The high cost of building here, particularly apartments, remains puzzling, and is a key factor. Public subsidy via routes such as cost rental tenancies will also be important and provide better soluti -  Subscribe
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