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Our NEWS section is the most comprehensive publication on the business of property in Ireland, keeping our trade readers fully informed on all developments in the property business and among their competitors.

It gathers together in one place all reports on the market, and goes into much greater detail than does the consumer press on trade issues of interest to estate agents, developers and other property professionals. It summarises property stories from the media, and provides handy links to the full stories. Occasional indepth features and opinion pieces for a fully developed online property magazine. It also acts as a searchable archive of all property matters down the years.

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© Irish Independent 18 Apr '19

Claims vulture funds deal fairly with arrears are misleading 'fairy tales' - advocate

David Hall of Irish Mortgage Holders Organisation is to provide TDs and senators with emails from vulture funds turning down offers from his iCare Housing charities to buy properties off them where th -  Subscribe
© Irish Independent 18 Apr '19

'Cuckoo fund' buying spree easing housing crisis, claims Donohoe

"Increased apartment building is a very positive development, both in terms of boosting overall supply and in relation to the National Planning Framework, which specifically targets more compact growt -  Subscribe
© The Irish Times 17 Apr '19

GoCar hopes to provide vehicles for hire at new Granville Partnership apartments at Roselawn and Aberdour in Foxrock

In order to reduce the car dependency of the residents living there, GoCarCarsharing Ltd has confirmed to the appeals board that it intends to provide five shared car club vehicles for the development -  Subscribe
© Irish Independent 16 Apr '19

Would-be buyers at Heathfield estate in Ballincollig sleep in their cars in 'Hunger Games' for housing'

Savills agent Catherine McAuliffe said: "We didn't expect the turnout ourselves, certainly not people queuing overnight. But it's about location - this is Ballincollig, on the edge of city, with acces -  Subscribe
© The Irish Times 11 Apr '19

Brexit could hit house prices in most of Republic but drive up Dublin demand

Dr Kieran McQuinn of the ESRI suggested that there would be an “adverse impact on the market” in areas outside Dublin whose economies depend on vulnerable activities such as agriculture, food and -  Subscribe
© The Property Week 10 Apr '19

JLL: Steady start to year for investment market with €600m of deals traded in the first quarter

Latest research from JLL which tracks national investment deals greater than €1million, indicates that total volumes for Ireland’s investment market totalled close to €600 million for -  Subscribe
© Irish Independent 07 Apr '19

State involved in over half of new residential builds

According to research by Dublin-based architect and housing commentator Mel Reynolds, 4,594 homes were either bought or built by local authorities and approved housing bodies. In addition, the constru -  Subscribe
© The Irish Times 05 Apr '19

‘Vast majority’ of landlords selling up are genuine, says homelessness chief

Mike Allen: “What is happening at the moment is a significant number of landlords, either from pressure from their lending institutions – that seems to be a huge part of it – or maybe for their -  Subscribe
© The Irish Times 05 Apr '19

The realities of renting: ‘We are watching our lives unravel’

The impact of this housing crisis runs far deeper than anybody realises. It does not just skim the flesh, it crushes the bones of this generation. Whoever is to blame for this – the Minister for Hou -  Subscribe
© The Irish Times 02 Apr '19

Dublin City Council favours radical new housing model

At a conference in Dublin on Monday, Brendan Kenny, deputy chief executive of Dublin City Council, said the local authority was examining new models of housing to deal with the crisis, and was advocat -  Subscribe
© Irish Independent 01 Apr '19

Cork City Council buys €19m complex with and Cluid Housing Association to tackle social housing crisis

The purchase, understood to be worth more than €19m, will see the 78-unit Leeside Apartments in Cork city centre used by both Cork City Council and Cluid Housing Association tenants. -  Subscribe
© Irish Independent 28 Mar '19

KBC Bank homebuyer sentiment survey: prices of buyer's ideal homes are increasing

Those in the market to buy say that it is harder to find a suitable home to purchase than a year ago. More than half of those surveyed think it is harder to find a home to fit their needs, while 18pc -  Subscribe
© The Irish Times 28 Mar '19

Almost three-quarters of Irish households owned their homes in 2016

Contrary to perceptions, the rate of home ownership in the Republic corresponds very closely to the international average, a study by the OECD has revealed. -  Subscribe
© The Irish Times 28 Mar '19

Goldman Sachs to repossess boutique Dublin 4 hotel, Aberdeen Lodge

A Goldman spokesman said the property, worth at least €3 million, was security for the full debt owed: "We review these matters carefully and have robust processes to ensure our action is appropriat -  Subscribe
© Irish Independent 27 Mar '19

Irish property market 'leads way in Europe': Starwood Capital

The European division said Dublin features low vacancy rates in prime offices, hotels that have the top occupancy rates of all cities in Europe, and a shortage of residential and student accommodation -  Subscribe
© Irish Independent 24 Mar '19

Negative equity end in sight for homeowners

David Duffy, director of Ibec's Property Industry Ireland, believes there will be no more homeowners in negative equity by the middle or end of 2020. "This is due to a combination of rising house p -  Subscribe
© The Irish Times 22 Mar '19

Government seeks social housing pledge on Nama homes

The briefing note shows that Mr Donohoe indicated “cautious support” for the sale. However, the internal records show the department wanted guarantees from any buyer that the houses would be used -  Subscribe
© Business Post 18 Mar '19

[NEEDS SBP SUB] Why property has a place in my portfolio

Many private investors don’t think about deploying their capital between equities, bonds, property and cash. And many have very different notions about what constitutes a defensive, diversified and -  Subscribe
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