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Our NEWS section is the most comprehensive publication on the business of property in Ireland, keeping our trade readers fully informed on all developments in the property business and among their competitors.

It gathers together in one place all reports on the market, and goes into much greater detail than does the consumer press on trade issues of interest to estate agents, developers and other property professionals. It summarises property stories from the media, and provides handy links to the full stories. Occasional indepth features and opinion pieces for a fully developed online property magazine. It also acts as a searchable archive of all property matters down the years.

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© The Property Week 02 Jan '18 Q4 2017 Property Report

DOWNLOAD FULL REPORT HERE >>> *Change to Central Bank lending rules to slow price inflation in 2018*House price inflation set to increase by 8% in 2018 compared to 10% last year*Asking prices outside -  Subscribe
© Irish Independent 22 Dec '17

Carra Shore tries again after plan for airport hotel blocked

Fresh plans for a new 10-storey, 421-bedroom hotel that will cost tens of millions of euro to develop have been submitted for a site near Dublin Airport. It's the second time the company that owns -  Subscribe
© Irish Independent 22 Dec '17

Dunne objects to city hotel scheme over his 'feeling for graveyards'

Twilfit House houses one of Mr Dunne's gyms at Jervis Street, but Mr Dunne said yesterday that his objection to the planned ‚?¨19.3m 218-bedroom hotel is not motivated by commercial reasons. "No, n -  Subscribe
© The Property Week 22 Dec '17

Savills hotel transactions report reflecting slow down in sector

Figures from Savills indicate that more than €3 billion worth of hotels have changed hands locally since 2012. Despite €600 million worth of transactions this year in the sector, it was a re -  Subscribe
© The Property Week 22 Dec '17

‚?¨2.5bn-plus invested in commercial property in 2017, down on previous years

CBRE have released statistics on the volume of investment spend in the Irish market during 2017. According to CBRE, more than ‚?¨2.5 billion was invested in commercial real estate in the Republic d -  Subscribe
© The Irish Times 22 Dec '17

Growth rate of mortgage approvals slows in November

That is the slowest year-on-year increase since March 2016, though Goodbody analyst Dermot O‚??Leary noted that November 2016 was a tough comparator month. Mortgage approvals jumped sharply at that ti -  Subscribe
© The Irish Times 22 Dec '17

Revised plan for Bulloch Harbour development to be filed today

Bartra Capital Ltd, founded by developer Richard Barrett, will submit a revised vision for the small fishing harbour which includes a cafe, ‚??marine leisure‚?Ě facilities, detached houses and apartme -  Subscribe
© The Irish Times 22 Dec '17

Chartered Land bought Ringsend apartments to avoid social housing at exclusive site

In the move, approved by Dublin City Council, Chartered Land developments has bought a block of apartments in Ringsend for social housing rather than provide such housing at its prestigious new Lansdo -  Subscribe
© The Irish Times 20 Dec '17

Rents rise to above boom-time peak in third quarter of 2017

The rents paid by new tenants around the State rose between July and September to an average of ‚?¨1,056 per month, up 9.5 per cent (from ‚?¨965) in a 12-month period. -  Subscribe
© RTE 19 Dec '17

Morning Ireland item ‚?? New plan will make it 'more economically viable' to build apartments

Tom Parlon, Director General of the Construction Industry Federation, discusses new draft planning guidelines designed to encourage developers to create homes -  Subscribe
© Irish Independent 19 Dec '17

Karl Deeter: Don't be so nice - get mortgage loan savvy and play the banks at their own cash-back game

If a lender knew they could get a higher amount of money out of you they'd naturally do it. If you doubt this, just look at the variable rate many of them charge to get a loan with them and you'll see -  Subscribe
© Irish Independent 19 Dec '17

Credit unions to take on banks with mortgage lending offers

Under the mortgage plan being hatched by the League of Credit Unions, a standardised mortgage product would be offered by each credit union that takes part in the initiative. The offer will be rest -  Subscribe
© The Irish Times 19 Dec '17

Residential accommodation shortfall expected in Dublin‚??s docklands

Figures from Owen Reilly show that office space for around 28,000 workers is currently in planning or being built while, on the residential front, homes for a maximum of 6,500 people are expected to b -  Subscribe
© The Irish Times 19 Dec '17

DEAL: Hibernia Reit sells Chancery building for ‚?¨23.8m

The property is located on Chancery Lane close to Dublin Castle in central Dublin and comprises 35,000 sq ft of offices and four two-bed apartments. It is fully let to tenants including the Office -  Subscribe
© The Irish Times 18 Dec '17

Rising house prices lift thousands out of negative equity

Buy-to-let properties had a higher share of negative equity throughout the period, with 15.6 of investment residential properties currently in negative equity, down from 54 per cent in the final quart -  Subscribe
© Irish Independent 17 Dec '17

DEAL: Kennedy Wilson buys Nama Dockland flats in ‚?¨45m deal

Kennedy Wilson has paid ‚?¨45m for a portfolio of 124 apartments in the Dublin Docklands. The units at North Bank were brought to the market along with 85 parking spaces and a ground floor commerci -  Subscribe
© Irish Independent 17 Dec '17

Ease housing crisis with emergency Vat cut: CIF

Parlon said that having to pay 13.5pc Vat "in one big lump on a 200-unit apartment block is madness". He added: "That apartment block is going to generate ‚?¨100,000 of income for the Revenue throu -  Subscribe
© Irish Independent 17 Dec '17

Three wise property men to star at listed Glenveagh

Wesley Rothwell, executive director of development Land and Consultancy at CBRE, is also moving to Glenveagh and will take up a new role as chief commercial officer in February. -  Subscribe
© The Irish Times 17 Dec '17

Are spiralling Dublin rents choking its economic growth?

But, just as he was about to sign the lease, he got news ‚?? he had been gazumped. The property was going to someone else who had offered ‚?¨7,500 a month. -  Subscribe
© The Irish Times 17 Dec '17

How Dublin became a city of sprawling suburbs

The 1930s also saw that process begin, with the creation of Crumlin and Kimmage. The people who came to live in these new areas were often the relocated inhabitants of the ‚??old‚?Ě city, making the j -  Subscribe
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