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Our NEWS section is the most comprehensive publication on the business of property in Ireland, keeping our trade readers fully informed on all developments in the property business and among their competitors.

It gathers together in one place all reports on the market, and goes into much greater detail than does the consumer press on trade issues of interest to estate agents, developers and other property professionals. It summarises property stories from the media, and provides handy links to the full stories. Occasional indepth features and opinion pieces for a fully developed online property magazine. It also acts as a searchable archive of all property matters down the years.

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© The Irish Times 16 Aug '21

Eoin Burke-Kennedy: Ramping up supply will not resolve Ireland’s housing crisis

A building boom – as many seem to want – will not resolve the central issue at the heart of Ireland’s housing problem: affordability. You can draw a parallel with the electric car market. Many m -  Subscribe
© The Irish Times 16 Aug '21

Joint CIÉ, Edward Capital & Summix Capital high-rise development for Galway appealed by An Taisce

Plans for the €320 million redevelopment of an eight-acre site beside Ceannt Station in the city have been put on hold after a decision to grant approval by Galway City Council in May was appealed t -  Subscribe
© The Irish Times 16 Aug '21

Cost-rental scheme to be open to households earning up to €82,000

The cost-rental scheme seeks to bring down rents in developments that will generally be run by housing non-profits, developed with no profit margin built in. Eligibility for the scheme will be capp -  Subscribe
© The Currency 13 Aug '21

New pub group, Dunmore, has closed one deal, pulled out of another and is in talks on several more

Fitzgerald's, a Joycean pub in Sandycove is back on the market, as new pub group Dunmore seeks to revive a pub closed for years in Dún Laoghaire. More deals are expected to follow. -  Subscribe
© Irish Independent 13 Aug '21

‘Perfect storm’ as no end to rising property prices

Increase is the fastest pace of rise in two-and-a-half years Rural areas significantly outstrip urban with some seeing an almost 14pc price increase Rising prices of recent months are likely to cont -  Subscribe
© Irish Independent 13 Aug '21

How ‘working from home’ has turned rural areas into property hotspots

This is prompting them to sell their cramped homes in an urban location and head for the hills of Cavan or Leitrim.Homes in Longford and Leitrim are typically priced at €120,000, according to the CS -  Subscribe
© The Irish Times 13 Aug '21

Rents are at a record high – so why are private landlords selling up?

However with the lack of other available investment opportunities to match rental income, sellers risk getting a decent amount of cash, but then struggling to find where else to get a return on it. -  Subscribe
© Irish Independent 12 Aug '21

New low-cost, green mortgage on offer for improving home’s energy rating

Managing director of Martina Hennessy said: “Those who are improving the energy rating of their home to B3 or above are increasingly securing one of the green rates currently on offer from -  Subscribe
© The Irish Times 12 Aug '21

Rising rents blamed on exodus of private landlords from the sector

Marian Finnegan, of Sherry FitzGerald: “In the past 10 years we’ve been seeing an exodus of private investors out of the marketplace. For every one investor who is coming in we’re losing two, an -  Subscribe
© The Irish Times 12 Aug '21

House price growth accelerates to 6.9% as pandemic fuels market -- CSO

The CSO said the number of property transactions in June rose month on month by 8.3 per cent to 3,473. Existing dwellings accounted for 85 per cent of the homes purchased, while the balance of 15 per -  Subscribe
© The Irish Times 12 Aug '21

Number of homes available to rent fell by 20% between March and June, survey finds

The Locked Out report by the Simon Communities of Ireland found there were 2,208 properties available to rent at any price within the 16 areas examined over three dates in June, compared to the 2,757 -  Subscribe
© The Irish Times 12 Aug '21

The Irish Times view on providing affordable housing: a tricky policy challenge

The real solution to providing affordable housing for the group who do not qualify for social housing but struggle to buy is to have a market which can deliver through normal channels at a reasonable -  Subscribe
© The Irish Times 12 Aug '21

50,000 new homes needed every year to solve housing crisis – Irish Institutional Property

The analysis by property economist Ronan Lyons and industry body Irish Institutional Property (IIP) said building on this scale would require an annual capital investment of €16 billion, most of whi -  Subscribe
© Other 10 Aug '21

Crazy House Prices founder reveals most shocking thing about housing market

The founder of the Instagram account, Ciaran Mulqueen, describes the level of involvement investment funds have in the market as ‘shocking’, with bidders assuming they are pitted against people in -  Subscribe
© Business Post 10 Aug '21

Could a ‘duplex maisonette’ design help to solve the capital’s housing crisis?

An innovative design proposed by Shay Cleary Architects based on Victorian row houses could deliver better quality, cheaper, high density and low rise housing than high-rise apartment blocks -  Subscribe
© Business Post 10 Aug '21

Two former FG advisers successfully lobbied for investor stamp duty exemption

The Minister for Housing said he was advised by housing department officials that 2,400 social housing lease deals were potentially in jeopardy. He said that an exemption from the new 10 per cent stam -  Subscribe
© The Irish Times 10 Aug '21

Michael O’Flynn: ‘Land value sharing’ proposals will increase house prices

At a time of a prolonged and acute housing crisis, when we are failing in our basic moral duty to put roofs over people’s heads, the Government is proposing to do exactly what it should not do – d -  Subscribe
© The Irish Times 10 Aug '21

Land Development Agency may ease stalled construction of homes

In a dramatic extension of its remit, it is understood it will also have a role in helping progress large residential developments on privately owned lands which have already received planning permiss -  Subscribe
© The Irish Times 10 Aug '21

Retailer Jysk confirms six Irish store openings in 2021 and more next year

The group says it believes the market in the Republic could eventually bear “between 40 and 50” of its outlets. The company, which entered the market two years ago and has nine stores here, wil -  Subscribe
© The Property Week 10 Aug '21 rental report Q2 2021: The same old story returns to Ireland's rental market

DOWNLOAD FULL REPORT HERE >>> RONAN LYONS: For the last 18 months, the Covid-19 pandemic has ‐ understandably ‐ dominated in all aspects of Irish life, including policymaker attention. As the roll -  Subscribe
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